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360 Degrees of Separation

While 84% of dealers think merchandising will help drive profit, only 12% feel differentiated in the market.

SnapLot 360 is the perfect complement to Autotrader’s Dealer Home Services tools, giving your shoppers an immersive and transparent view of your inventory. And now, you can take advantage of this tool for your Autotrader listings with a free promotion.

Separate yourself from the competition with SnapLot 360. Using the SnapLot 360 app on your smartphone, you can capture three-dimensional shots of every vehicle’s interior and exterior, syndicating directly to Autotrader, delivering a more immersive shopping experience for your customers that increases engagement and drives sales.

Make your merchandising stand out on Autotrader with SnapLot 360:

  • Exterior 360 Capture — Walk around the vehicle and capture a high-resolution exterior 360 in seconds using image stabilization to drive efficiency and optimal viewing by car shoppers.
  • Interior 360 Capture — Leverage SnapLot 360 to capture a compelling interior 360 panoramic view to fully immerse car shoppers in the experience.
  • Hot Spot Tagging — Tag specific features as hot spots that will attract online car shoppers, driving engagement and a deeper understanding of the vehicle.
  • Syndication to Autotrader and More — Syndicate interior and exterior 360s to Autotrader and other top website providers in the industry.

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